Training as Part of Your Holiday

Beginners and relatively inexperienced boaters are welcome at bearBOATING and by incorporating a training course into the first two days on board we can ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday from beginning to end.

Our instructors will join you during the days cruising along your chosen route and will slowly build the knowledge and skills of everyone on board.  We will ensure that you are safe, competent and confident on the waterways.

Generally, we leave you safely moored up on the first day by 5:00pm and return in the morning at a time to suit your plans.  On day two just as soon as everyone is happy we leave you to enjoy your holiday.

We try very hard to make sure the course is enjoyable and fun and not an imposition on your holiday.  We receive 100% “excellent” feedback on these courses and numerous return bookings as a result.

Booking the course as part of the holiday is also the most cost-effective way of booking the training.  We only charge the cost of the instructor for two days which can easily be a saving of several hundred pounds compared to booking the training separately.

For Further Information Call 07969 901383